• Depressio

    joulukuu 19th, 2018

    Memorial for the people who’ve committed suicide, sometime during my childhood years:
    Parent: ”Suicide is the most selfish thing.”

    Me, at adult age: ”And that’s what I believed, too, until I got sick. Depression is one hell of a mental illness.”
    Me: ”Of course I can only talk about myself, but there are some things that help me.”
    Balanced diet

    Me: ”And I have medication, of course.”
    But sometimes, despite all of this, darkness fills the mind. My brains just do not produce enough pleasure and happiness hormones, or the effect is short.

    Me: ”And well… Depression is not a choice, silly tosh, or laziness.”

    Me: ”The most distressing thing is when one does all the possible and it does not help.”
    Me: ”All depressed people do not even have healthy coping mechanisms.
    How does it feel to be a person, who feels no pleasure from ANYTHING?”

    Me: ”And with all added blaming to top it.”
    [someone is being pointed with fingers labeled as ’negative’, ’selfish’ and ’attention whore’.

    Me: ”I don’t even know where I am going with this comic.”
    Me: ”Umm, I guess my point was that we should treat ourselves and each other with compassion.
    Other depressed people: search for those healthy coping mechanisms. One day the sadness will end.”

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