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  • Kilo oli liikaa

    helmikuu 2nd, 2019

    ”Half a kilogram of gingerbread cookie dough, or the whole kilogram?”

    ”Hmm. Hmmm.”

    ”I’ll take the whole kilogram!”

    ”Note to self: half a kilogram is enough!”

  • Sosiaalinen elämä

    marraskuu 2nd, 2018



  • TW: Itsevahingoittaminen/self harm

    joulukuu 18th, 2017

    Varoituksen sanana: Artikkelissa on itsevahingoittamis-ideoita, ja henkistä pahaa oloa.
    En ole vaaraksi itselleni, enkä muille.

    Warning: This article contains thoughts of self harm. I am not a threat to myself or to others.
    I tried to be hopefully positive in my hobbies.
    Me thinking: ”Maybe I will get a lovely message tomorrow.”

    I spoke about it in the forums too.
    Then I found out, people had misinterpreted my attitude.
    Moderator: ”If you could be less passive-aggressive?”
    I tried to learn and adapt.
    Me: ”For now on, I will try to acknowledge my behavior better!”
    But I ended up getting a panic attack, anyway.

    Me: ”If positive hopefulness is not alright, what other choices do I have?
    Giving everyone some icy hard time?”
    Release me from this, or at least take the knives away!

  • Kävijäpiikki

    elokuu 11th, 2017

    Me: ”Some weird visitor spike in my blog some week ago…”
    [I notice it is from]

    Group chat: ”It might be some proper discussion?”
    Me: ”I hope so.”

  • Yllättävä kohtalotoveri

    toukokuu 9th, 2016

    One day, in a party:
    Me: ”I have been reading this daft vampire series.”

    My friend Anna: ”…”
    Me: ”Silly names, no plot…”

    Anna: ”I might have read the whole series…”
    Me: ”YOU?!”
    We both: ”Bad names! Awful plot! Shameful sex scenes! ’Diamond hard erection’!”

  • Rauhoittavaa

    marraskuu 24th, 2015

    ”I like window shopping.”

    ”There is something soothing in looking at items.”

    ”It does not matter, even if–”

    ”Those are 300 EUR bed sheets!”

  • Mian leffaelämys

    marraskuu 1st, 2015

    Mia is watching the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.

    [I am mouth open]

    The middle:
    [I am mouth open]

    The end:
    [I am mouth open]

    ”It was pretty much a ’whoa experience’, and I am denying the deaths of some characters.”

  • Fanikunta pilaa mun fanittamisen

    lokakuu 17th, 2015

    All commentaries from a group:
    ”Coloring book?”
    ”Coloring book!”
    ”Coloring book?”
    ”This green color makes me think of [character]!”
    ”Wolves omg!”
    ”This model looks like [character2]!”
    ”When is the coloring book out?”

    Me: ”Dear fandom: Could you calm down?”

  • Reaktioni kaikenmaailman valittajiin

    lokakuu 7th, 2015

    ”I wish you were just a stain in your parents’ bed sheets, you diarrhea-mouthed shit-chewer. Go fuck a grater.”

  • ERP

    syyskuu 13th, 2015

    This update shares details of my intimate life, so if you don’t want TMI, this is the best time to close the page or tab.

    ”This update has details of my intimate life.
    So, if you don’t want to think of me as a sexual being, this is a good moment to close the tab or page.
    Watch a cat video, if you prefer.”

    I and Santeri have different kinds of drive.

    Me thinking: ”I would love to blow off some steam. Incredible lust!”
    Our sexual needs do not always match.

    Me: ”Would you like to make love?”
    Santeri: ”Eeeeeeeh, nope.”

    Tenderness we have anyway.

    ”So, how do I let out my energy?”
    I tend to write erotic roleplays with my friend, for example.
    [I am giggling while typing]

    Me: ”Santeri knows of this and encourages me, too.”

    Santeri: ”Well, it is easier for us all, if you are not frustrated.”