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  • Tallinnassa 09.01.2016

    helmikuu 9th, 2016

    Me: ”I got to travel!”

    Kata: ”I promised we’d go to Tallinn.”

    We woke up at 5:30 am.
    Me: ”I can bring souvenirs in these bags beneath my eyes, geez…”
    The train and tram car were on time.
    Me: ”Someone out there is blessing our trip.”
    Kata thinking: ”We made it!”

    Level of tiredness was noticeable in the ship.
    Kata: ”How does this locker even work?”
    Me: ”…”
    Me: ”How about like this?”
    The streets of Old Town in Tallinn were slippery.
    Kata: ”Did you hurt yourself?”
    Me: ”No.”

    We found a nice woollen shirt as a gift for Santeri.
    Me: ”Half of my budget is gone.”
    Kata: ”That old lady was SO adorable. And my new wool mittens are lovely!”
    I found other nice things too.
    Me: ”One bar of that chocolate, one bar of that, one of that, and that one too.”

    Also mugs with animal prints, post cards and pens.

    I also found my favourite tea.

    Walking was exhausting, though.
    Me: ”Wanna head back to the harbor?”
    Kata: ”We could, yeah.”
    First we waited for hurry, then we hurried to wait.
    Me: ”How long left?”
    Kata: ”Two hours.”

    Luckily I had a book with me.
    Me: ”A dead person could be said to have joined the ghost pilots.”

    On the way back to Finland, we went to the buffet for dinner.
    Apparently there had been changes in the menu.

    Me: ”This Caesar salad has blue mold cheese in it? Outrageous!”
    [Kata does not like blue mold cheese]

    Food was generally speaking tasty and there was a plenty of it!
    On the ship, we had to do some late shopping, still.
    Me: ”One bag of those candies, one of those, one of those too!”

    Me: ”If someone has not guessed by far, candy is my weakness.”

    The rest of the trip went with sitting.
    [I have new nail polish]

  • Loma Ruokolahdella

    lokakuu 25th, 2015

    I went to a villa with Kata and Kata’s family.
    The trains were late.
    Kata: ”Do we make it in time?”
    Me: *ei jaksa välittää*
    [Kata’s sister Marianne is the one with a yellow-tufted scarf]

    In the train my motion sickness began.
    Me: ”I feel a little sick…”
    We made it to the connection trains in time, as well as to the destination.
    Kata: ”I stressed for nothing.”
    Me: *ei jaksa vieläkään välittää*

    Even the meds for the motion sickness kicked in.
    We went to a forest.
    Someone in the background: ”Ew, deer flies!”

    We did not find any mushrooms.
    ”Are those bear droppings?”
    We found something completely different.
    We also played Yahtzee.
    ”Mia won!”
    Me: ”Oh?”

    We discussed aliens.
    Kata: ”Who’s Jabba the Hutt?”

    In the afternoon, I tried to take a nap.
    Me thinking: ”SO quiet!”

    I saw some bird in Saimaa lake, maybe.
    In the evening there was a chance to bath in sauna.

    I also meant to dunk in the lake, but passed.
    Me: ”The weather is quite brr!” *shudder shudder*
    I dreamed I was able to do incredibly awesome ink works.
    Me: *just woken up*

    Then I realized it was just a dream.
    Me: *sighs*
    Wednesday was full of nature expeditions.
    Me: ”That’s Kummakivi!”
    (Here’s a link to a Wikipedia article of Kummakivi.)

    I also saw some rock paintings.
    Me: *gasps in awe*
    Me: ”Those rock paintings were 4700 years old! Think!”

    Me: ”Think if some digi archaeologist is investigating the ruins of the Internet and finds comic blogs!”

    In the evening, we played gin rummy.
    Me thinking: ”I should not have suggested point counting…”
    Kata: ”You have 500 000 points!”
    I took a beating.

    The next morning, I played some more gin rummy with Kata.
    Me: ”Noh!”
    Kata: ”You have 1000 000 points!”
    I did ’great’.

    For lunch we had vegetable soup and bread rolls.
    The rest of the day I spent reading and petting the dog.

    Because it was the day before leaving, I was eager to pack my things.
    Me: ”I don’t want the family to wait for me.”
    On Friday we packed the rest of the stuff and cleaned up, then heading home.
    I will say, that the meds for motion and travel sickness are a great invention!

  • Katan luona kylässä

    elokuu 6th, 2015

    ”I went to my friend Kata’s place for a couple of days.”

    The trip started well.

    Announcement: ”The K-train at 9:57 has been cancelled!”

    Me: ”Aaargh!”

    I had to take a detour.
    At Hyvinkää, we first took my stuff to Kata’s place.

    Me: [ranting about everything]

    After taking my stuff, we went to shop for groceries. We cooked chicken salad.

    Me: ”One gotta eat green things!”
    Kata: ”Just put it in the basket!”

    After lunch, we saw other friends.

    Me: ”I’m a bit tired…”
    Back at Kata’s place we had a moment to read.

    Also, evening snacks.

    And a movie before going to bed.
    On Tuesday we went for a long walk after breakfast.

    Me: ”I’m thirsty, my knees are singing Hoosianna!”
    Knees: ”Laaah!”

    The idea was mine, although one would not guess.

    During the walk we saw many interesting plants.

    Bilberries were ripe.

    I thought of drinking my water bottle empty, so we could gather some bilberries there.
    After lunch we went to Kata’s parents to clean some strawberries.
    We also fried some crepes. In reality, I can’t turn them by tossing, or plate them that way.

    …And I don’t think Kata’s parents would allow me to practice in their kitchen.

  • Ähtäriin mä kaipaan niin – taas uudelleen

    syyskuu 25th, 2014

    I went camping to Ähtäri with my friend Kata on 15.8.-17.8.14. It was my first time camping, so I had prepared both too well and run of the mill.
    ”My back hurts just a wee bit…”

    Overpacked backpack, slightly broken
    Town clothes, also slightly broken

    Straps of the backpack caused me trouble.

    ”Probably not like this either.”

    ”I give up.”

    I felt like the majority of the trip was spent in trains.
    First the trip between Koivukylä and Hyvinkää; two trains.

    Thinking: ”Well, of course the rush hour train.”

    The trip between Hyvinkää and Riihimäki.

    ”And the straps did not work like they should’ve worked.”

    ”HAHAHA! Help, I can’t stand this!”

    During the trip between Riihimäki and Seinäjoki we finally got seats.

    ”Sorry, soz…”

    Train aisles can be surprisingly narrow.

    At Seinäjoki, we swapped into a regional train. It was also called rail bus.

    ”And we did not get any photos of it!
    It was like a train’s baby! It did not use electricity!

    I really have to google it sometime!”

    Ohessa googletettu kuva: Klik-klik

    At the railway stop of Ähtäri Zoo we noticed how we are totally not in the metropolitan area anymore.

    No electricity wires for trains.

    One (1) set of railroad tracks.

    ”The train goes here six times a day. When we return, we really can’t go to the wrong train.”

    Walking trip to the camping site sure felt longer when going there than when returning.
    I think I complained surprisingly little.

    ”Imma gonna die… Gonna fall to the ditch… My knee can’t take it… Back hurts… Boohoo…”

    ”It is behind the next curve.”

    Kata has the patience of a saint.

    We finally got to the camping site, so we registered in.
    Setting the tent worried me.

    Horror scenario 1:
    ”#%&¤##¤%! …ck! It just does not work!”

    ”Whatever, I’ll sleep like this!”

    Horror scenario 2:
    ”There it goes. We forgot the stakes.”

    ”I thought you were speaking of steaks.”

    ”No nonsense!”


    Setting instructions

    ”Oh, it was that easy. We just need to add the protective textile and stakes.”

    Saturday, 16th of August.
    My back was hurting a little. I was not used to sleeping outside.

    ”Oh, …ck!”

    The maintenance building made things remarkably easy.
    Caravan area is that way
    More sinks
    Funny mirrors, for some reason
    Kitchen unit
    Water unit
    One can go straight through
    More sinks

    No one mention this to Kata’s father.

    On Saturday we went to the zoo, too.
    The most important animal to me was the badger.

    The most important animal to Kata was the fox.

    To Kata, foxes are like the badgers to me; the most valued favourite animal.

    On Saturday, there was also time just to be.

    ”Who was the murdered Sharon, again?”
    (Author’s note: it is ’tate’, in case someone is doing a crossword with similar hint)

    Loput reissusta raportoidaan sitten kun saan muita juttuja pois alta.
    Rest of the reportage will be done after I get other stuff away.

    Kysymys-memeen osallistuneiden ei tarvitse huolestua, vastaukset on mulla työn alla.

  • Kiitti kun piristit päivääni

    elokuu 15th, 2014

    Today, I took the bus from Havukoski to Viikki.

    I watched the traffic passing by during the bus trip.

    My gaze met with someone on the next lane.

    Thinking: ”What am I supposed to do in a situation like this?”


  • Prioriteetit

    toukokuu 14th, 2014

    I was going to the cinema in Helsinki. Being right ahead of time, I sat and waited for Santeri on a bench.

    Then I noticed it!

    ”Oh my gorsh!”


    ”A pinball machine!”

    *Thinking* ”I wonder if I had a couple of euros extra?”

    *thinking* ”Only the bus fare…”

    After the movie:

    ”It was a great movie!”

    ”True that!”

    ”What’s the time?”

    ”It’s 7 pm, sharp.”

    ”Well, in that case I won’t make it to the bus back at home. It went 15 minutes ago.”

    ”! …”

    ”What’s the matter?”

    ”I COULD have played that money in the pinball machine.”

    ”I see.”

    PS. On the way back home.



    Can label: Koff — Beer!

    *thinking*: ”OH HELL NO–!”

    For the record, on this trip no one tried to cause any trouble.
    Certain irritants make me nervous and mad quite easily.

  • Junassa on tunnelmaa

    toukokuu 10th, 2014

    I really like to travel on a train. On the last few trips there has been bad luck with the fellow passengers, though.

    ”*HIC*ck, I will smash your faces in, goddam*HIC*!”

    So, when I traveled to Helsinki, I tried to be optimistic.
    *thinking*: ”Maybe this time I’m in luck…”


    *thinking*: ”OH HELL NO–!”

    (eau de old booze)

  • Eläintarhassa tapahtuu

    huhtikuu 8th, 2014

    At the Korkeasaari Zoo:

    ”…And I’ve seen the Pallas’s Cat in here maybe once, ever.”

    ”Isn’t that it?”


  • Reissussa

    helmikuu 25th, 2014

    I went for a one day trip to Tallinn.

    11 people got stuffed to the minibus.
    And then we stuffed to the ship.

    I get annoyed at people with rolling suitcases in the queue, because they take up so much space.

    ”Yes, I realize I am not the smallest person in the world, and others want to drag their shoppings with them.
    But it is still annoying.”

    ”I found lot’s of nice things from Tallinn. Mostly chocolate and teas.”

    Hessu tried on a very fancy hat, but this time it remained in the store.

    The trip back was done with delicious food and in karaoke-bar.
    Food on the plate starting from top, clockwise:
    potato salad, roast beef, season’s vegetables, salmon, salmon tartar + bread, mozzarella cheese.

    Drinking glass has apple juice mixed with Pepsi.

    My party tried to offer me Jägermeister and Gin Long Drink from time to time.

    ”Uh, no thanks. I am straight edge.”

    All in all, it was an okay trip.