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  • Hylätyksi tulemisen pelko

    joulukuu 4th, 2017

    One night I woke up to a bad dream, that had themes of abandonment and rejection.

    Me: ”Today, I awkwardly found out that my friends had gone to the movies together, and not asked me with them.”

    Usually, I would not mind…
    …But these were supposed to be my closest friends, and I have been suffering from loneliness.

  • Unista

    lokakuu 31st, 2016

    There has been a lot of sleeping.

    Me: ”I’ve seen lots of dreams.”
    Adventure, thrills, special skills, romance

    Me: ”I have to admit, my dreams have been a lot more exciting compared to real life.”

    We’ll see how my next night shifts go.

  • On painajaisia ja PAINAJAISIA

    elokuu 25th, 2015

    I dreamed…

    In the dream I was going to home with a friend. We were coming from taking care of my pet chickens and heading to a spa.

    Me: ”Let’s swing by my place! I’ll get my towel. We can also get some treatment paid on my credit card.”
    By my home, I felt something was wrong.

    Me: ”Could you wait here?”
    Friend: ”Okay!”

    In the kitchen my mother waited for me in stiff state of drunk.

    ”Oh, you decided to grace me with your preshence?”
    I don’t say anything, just go grab my towel.
    Bathroom tab is dropping black water and the sewer does not work.

    After getting the towel I say to my mother:

    Me: ”Well, um… What if I visited Taina(* for a couple of days?”

    (* Godmother
    Mother: ”To help or lazying around? ’Caushe she hash ashked you many a times… ’To give you peace for a couple of daysh’! Bah!”

    Me: ”Well, I would take a part in household work if I visit longer…”

    Mother: ”Whatever! WhatEVER! Drop dead to the ground for all I care!”
    Then I woke up.


    It took a little while to get to understand what was going on.

    ”I am at home with my loved ones. Everything is fine.”

    Anyway, there are reasons why I don’t care to keep in contact with my mother.
    …I am sorry it has to be like this, but I have to protect myself.

  • Aivot, mitä ihmettä?

    elokuu 6th, 2015

    Dear brains: I would like it if we left dreams of mam’s delirium drunkennes completely out. Especially while I am visiting people and during wee hours. Thanks!

  • En myy hupputärkkiä

    helmikuu 3rd, 2015

    One night I dreamed:

    ”Aaaah! So many open shifts! I’ll book them all! Even the early ones!”

    Five minutes later:

    Thinking: ”Gee wiz, these all are to that racist shop. As a protest, I won’t go, then…”
    First work morning:

    Employer on the phone: ”Why aren’t you at work?”


    ”W-w-well, I d-d-don’t want to s-sell h-hood starch an-and hanging rope…”
    Then I woke up:

    ”Yes, I don’t have work!”

    ”Well shiiiiet, I don’t have work!”

  • Unelmoin kylpylästä

    marraskuu 27th, 2014

    I once dreamed there was a spa department in the basement of the house I live in.

    In the morning, I was maybe a little disappointed.

  • Aave

    lokakuu 6th, 2014

    Last night I dreamed my father was not dead.

    In my dream, I am shopping for groceries.

    I forget the shopping, when a familiar person passes me by.

    I ran after the figure.

    ”Da! Wait!!”

    Finally, I catch him.

    ”Where have you been!?
    We have been really worried and sad!
    Things should be taken care of!!

    There is an awful pile of estate and funeral bills, too!
    You are hopeless!!”

    My father replies:

    ”I was having a vacation.”

    ”It really hit the spot.”

    ”Huh? But who did we then cremate? Did you fake your own death?”

    Then I woke up.
    Lots of things were left unsaid.

  • Seurusteluvinkkejä

    toukokuu 7th, 2014

    ”Sometimes a datemate might have these annoying little habits…”

    ”What the HECK is going on in here?!”

    I dreamed that Worf, the Chief Security Officer of USS Enterprise was giving me dating tips.

  • Paluu menneisyyteen

    maaliskuu 17th, 2014

    I dreamed I was on a trip, holiday or some sort.
    On that trip I met a person, who was really nice at first, but then appeared to be a bully.
    I woke up on bad mood.

    ”Gnaa. I don’t have time for this shit.”

    But at least I told off to the dream bully, calling out their bullshit.
    In real life I might have not been able to.


  • Nukkumaanmenoaika

    maaliskuu 16th, 2014


    Sometimes one just goes to bed as early as 1 o’clock in the morning.