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  • Kourallinen tabuja

    toukokuu 9th, 2016

    I went to a control visit to the doctor’s.

    Doctor: ”Yeah, these blood sugar levels are pretty high despite the meds.”

    Me: ”My dosage was raised. I also got something to lower my pulse and a med for my low mood.”
    Me: ”So, the morning’s amount of meds is:
    1 x mood medication
    1 x blood pressure medication
    1 x pulse lowering medication
    2 x blood sugar lowering medication”

    Me: ”In the evenings, I take birth control pill and again 2 x blood sugar lowering pills.”
    (Also there are possible pain killers and allergy meds)

    I felt like I would certainly forget something.
    [details swirling around my head.]
    Me: ”Ummm…”

    So I wrote a plan for taking care of myself.
    Me: ”So, here I have a list of medicines I take in the morning and in the evening, and other things to remember.”
    ”Like not skipping breakfast.”

    For morning medication, I bought a pill dispenser.

    Now it’s really good to ration meds!
    Me: ”Evening medication I remember and know without this dispenser!”

  • Liikunnasta

    tammikuu 1st, 2016

    Miia commented: ”It would be nice to read more updates about your exercise.
    How do you exercise, if you exercise for an hour a day? Was it hard to start?
    Is it hard to manage?”

    Me: ”I mostly walk.”
    ”I changed my route to run errands and to work.”
    I live within a seven minute walk from the station.
    Me: ”NOOOOO!”
    Although it does not guarantee catching the train.

    Me: ”And because seven minutes is not enough, I have started to walk either to Leinelä’s station or to Rekola’s station.”
    ”One walks to Leinelä in half an hour and to Rekola in little less than half an hour.”

    Me: ”And on the way to home, same change is needed.”
    ”This is not executed everyday, though.”

    Starting was not that hard. I just need to reserve more time to get to work.
    Me: ”Oh, better go.”

    On free time, I need to get a grip, naturally.
    Me thinking: ”I wonder if I should’ve gone outside?”
    Me: ”About managing, I can say that this is more of a battle of the spirit rather than flesh.”
    Especially on bad weather!
    Me: ”I am also planning to get myself a swimming hall pass. It’s nice to go to the steam sau– I mean swimming!”

    By the way, I am not sure if it is the effect of the meds or increased exercise, but I have felt more relaxed and calm as of late.
    Me thinking: ”Exceptionally nice feeling!”

  • Verenpaine II

    joulukuu 25th, 2015

    Me: ”An announcement of my blood pressure.”

    I increased the daily exercise about half an hour a day, decreased salt in my diet and made sure I eat enough vegetables.
    Me: ”Bleagh…”
    My blood pressure has not decreased well enough.

    Nurse: ”These numbers are declining, but they could decline better.”

    Me: ”So, nowadays I am enjoying a pill of blood pressure lowering medicine.”
    Me: ”I am attempting to exercise an hour a day, but with bad success.”
    At work, I sometimes have time to eye the salt contents of food items.
    At the moment, the record is held by soy sauce (13,1% of salt).

    Nurse appointments start in mid-January. Before that, I have to move briskly and take it easy.

  • Rakko

    joulukuu 25th, 2015

    ”I have walked more to help my blood pressure to get better. My body thanked me with an insanely achy blister on the sole of my foot.”

  • Verenpaine

    joulukuu 1st, 2015

    ”My blood pressure has not dropped a bit and I am scared!”

    ”I just can’t stop stressing out.”

    ”My body can’t handle the pressure and I will die(*!”

    (*Well, I guess I won’t die immediately tomorrow.

    ”Preferably I would like to jump into a black hole right now.”

  • Kolme ässää

    marraskuu 13th, 2015

    Me: ”We changed my birth control prescription at the doc’s. The doc was worried of my high blood pressure.

    Me thinking: ”I gotta remember to reduce salt, salmiac and stress from my life. More exercise and vegetables.”

    Me: ”I also got some antibiotics for my inflamed thumb!”