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  • Kourallinen tabuja

    toukokuu 9th, 2016

    I went to a control visit to the doctor’s.

    Doctor: ”Yeah, these blood sugar levels are pretty high despite the meds.”

    Me: ”My dosage was raised. I also got something to lower my pulse and a med for my low mood.”
    Me: ”So, the morning’s amount of meds is:
    1 x mood medication
    1 x blood pressure medication
    1 x pulse lowering medication
    2 x blood sugar lowering medication”

    Me: ”In the evenings, I take birth control pill and again 2 x blood sugar lowering pills.”
    (Also there are possible pain killers and allergy meds)

    I felt like I would certainly forget something.
    [details swirling around my head.]
    Me: ”Ummm…”

    So I wrote a plan for taking care of myself.
    Me: ”So, here I have a list of medicines I take in the morning and in the evening, and other things to remember.”
    ”Like not skipping breakfast.”

    For morning medication, I bought a pill dispenser.

    Now it’s really good to ration meds!
    Me: ”Evening medication I remember and know without this dispenser!”