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  • Kiitos

    tammikuu 18th, 2015

    This happened during summer 2014.
    I can’t mention your name, or draw you as a recognizable character, in case you broke your employer’s rules.

    It was a rainy summer day. My father had recently passed away and I was moving to an unknown city.

    Money situation was tight, so tight I even had to take cash from my late father’s wallet.

    You are an acquaintance of mine, but I am not sure if you knew my situation.

    I wanted to buy a ticket. I was on my way to Hyvinkää to deal with moving things.

    You printed me a complimentary ticket. My money you did not take.
    Your friendly gesture back then lifted me up from the depressive swamp my mind was in.

    My mental health was way off balance at that time. I just wanted to do all kinds of nasty things to myself.

    You might have saved my life on that day.

    ”For that I will be eternally grateful for you.”