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  • Jätteidenlajittelu: Paperi

    marraskuu 13th, 2015

    10th of November, 2015. Written and drawn by Mia K. Come ask me about sorting of garbage; apt. 40

    Me: ”About sorting the garbage”

    Me: ”If the garbage bin says ’PAPER’, it is not for…”

    NOT FOR:
    – plastic
    – metal
    – glass
    – textiles
    – card board
    – bio waste
    – Anything that is not paper!

  • Mian leffaelämys

    marraskuu 1st, 2015

    Mia is watching the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.

    [I am mouth open]

    The middle:
    [I am mouth open]

    The end:
    [I am mouth open]

    ”It was pretty much a ’whoa experience’, and I am denying the deaths of some characters.”

  • Fanikunta pilaa mun fanittamisen

    lokakuu 17th, 2015

    All commentaries from a group:
    ”Coloring book?”
    ”Coloring book!”
    ”Coloring book?”
    ”This green color makes me think of [character]!”
    ”Wolves omg!”
    ”This model looks like [character2]!”
    ”When is the coloring book out?”

    Me: ”Dear fandom: Could you calm down?”

  • Kokkaaminen ystävien kanssa

    lokakuu 4th, 2015

    Me: ”A-hyuck-hyuck, our guacamole looks like pea soup!”

    My friends: ”That’s right!”

  • Tanssiva hämähäkki

    syyskuu 30th, 2015

    One day:

    [I am watching a video of a peacock spider]
    Me thinking: ”OMG, how cute!”

    The same evening:

    [I am thinking of the same spider]

    ”Well, I rather think of a dancing spider than worry.”

    Spider: ”I’m your boogie man!”


    Videon materiaalista en omista mitään. Kaikki oikeudet kuuluvat materiaalin alkuperäiselle kuvaajalle ja editoijalle, sekä musiikin oikeudet sen tekijöille.

  • ERP

    syyskuu 13th, 2015

    This update shares details of my intimate life, so if you don’t want TMI, this is the best time to close the page or tab.

    ”This update has details of my intimate life.
    So, if you don’t want to think of me as a sexual being, this is a good moment to close the tab or page.
    Watch a cat video, if you prefer.”

    I and Santeri have different kinds of drive.

    Me thinking: ”I would love to blow off some steam. Incredible lust!”
    Our sexual needs do not always match.

    Me: ”Would you like to make love?”
    Santeri: ”Eeeeeeeh, nope.”

    Tenderness we have anyway.

    ”So, how do I let out my energy?”
    I tend to write erotic roleplays with my friend, for example.
    [I am giggling while typing]

    Me: ”Santeri knows of this and encourages me, too.”

    Santeri: ”Well, it is easier for us all, if you are not frustrated.”

  • Odottelupeliä

    elokuu 21st, 2015

    ”Our roleplay forum is totally dead.”

    ”Everyone is super busy.”

    ”We are launching a new tribe in the beginning of September, but I have had difficulties finding contacts to my new character.”

    ”I tried to ask if some other chars could be acquainted via their parents, but I guess that won’t be possible now.”
    ”At least I did my best. More than that can’t be demanded.”

    ”Other characters approved this far have not seemed like a good fit for friends for my character…”

    ”Oh well, I get more time to other hobbies, then.”


    Foorumilla tarkoitan tätä Elfquest-roolipeliä tässä. Emme pelaa kaanonisilla hahmoilla, mutta osa hahmoista on alkuperäisen sarjakuva-sarjan hahmojen jälkeläisiä, enemmistö fanihahmoja. Olemme avoinna uusille pelaajille, sikäli mikäli ketään kiinnostaa.

  • ”Kesäloma Maalla”

    elokuu 10th, 2015

    [I am singing a song how summer vacation in the country is the best and the worst at the same time]

    Me thinking: ”But I have not spent a day in the country…”

    Sanat muistinkin väärin, ohessa linkki biisiin oikeilla sanoilla.

    Kappaleen oikeudet kuuluvat sen säveltäneille ja sanoittaneille tahoille, sekä filmiyhtiölle, jonka leffan on tuottanut. En omista oikeuksia.

  • Lapselliset harrasteet

    heinäkuu 23rd, 2015


    ”If you can handle your adulthood without childish hobbies, kudos to you.

    I can’t.

    And making fun of other people’s hobbies is insensitive.”

  • Valkosipuli-persiljakastike

    heinäkuu 19th, 2015

    ”I did not believe it could be possible, but the trash room’s state is actually worse than last time I made an update about it.”

    ”AND actually, I don’t want to talk about it!”

    ”Instead, I will share a sauce recipe!”
    Garlic parsley sauce

    ”Actually, a modified version of béarnaise.”

    Raw materials

    – 2 yolks
    – 1 teaspoon of rice vinegar
    – 1 teaspoon of shredded parsley
    – 2 small cloves of garlic, or one medium sized
    – 125 grams of butter in small cubes
    – 1 teaspoon of lemon juice


    – Kettle
    – Knife
    – plastic bowl
    – whisk
    – teaspoons for measuring

    ”Separate yolks from egg whites to an extra cup. Whites can be used in meringue. Cube the butter.”

    ”Add parsley, vinegar and crushed garlic to the yolks.”

    ”Pour some water to the kettle and put it on the stove to heat.”

    ”Sauce is heated in the hot water bath while being mixed. Butter cubes are added one at a time until the sauce thickens.”

    Lemon juice is added after all the butter cubes have been added and melted to the sauce.

    ”Sauce is a good dip for potato wedges.”

    ”Because of its greasiness, I recommend the sauce to be made just on special days.”

    ”Later I probably share a recipe for vegan macaroni casserole.”