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  • Dissaajat ja tylyttäjät

    elokuu 19th, 2015

    Me: ”There is one thing I loathe! People who diss and are unkind!”

    ”I mean people who – apparently – can’t say anything nice about anything.”

    Me: ”Look, how fine scarf Kata made me!”

    D. Unkind: ”Well, you probably should not try to do anything like that!”
    ”I was interested in knitting works back in the day.
    …Not anymore.”

    Me: ”I have been so excited about the new colouring books!”

    D. Unkind: ”Well, I don’t get why an adult just could not use colouring books aimed for kids…”

    Me thinking: ”I think these are nice…”
    Me: ”I have no idea, what kind of twisted satisfaction do these unkind people get, when they see someone else’s zeal to wither and die!?”

    Me: ”I could expect such dissing and unkindness from children and teenagers, but not from adult human beings!”

    D. Unkind: ”You are being oversensitive again. People are allowed to have an opinion.”
    Me: ”With more supportive attitude you might have more friends!”

    D. Unkind: ”As if, maybe…”

    Me: ”Sensitive personality is not a bad thing and I have the right to protect myself. I will not be willing to listen to such dissing and unkindness anymore!”

    Me: ”You have NO power over me!”

  • Sisäinen huuto

    elokuu 16th, 2015

    Today at work:

    [Customer is ranting about a bag he supposedly left on cashier point 11, but could not find it anymore]
    (there had not been anyone on that cashier point during the day)

    Me: [has no idea about the bag the customer is ranting about] *screams internally*

  • Lupaat vaan

    elokuu 20th, 2014

    The other day, my mam called me.

    ”You are so brave! I am so weepy now, I can’t talk!”

    ”Maybe you should take a break then. We can talk another time.”

    A couple of hours pass:


    Thinking: ”Promises, promises.”

  • Anonyymi A ja kuuntelemisen vaikeus

    maaliskuu 15th, 2014

    The difficult guy, Anon A, had also problems on caring about others and their feelings.

    Anon A: ”I was thinking that your healer could kinda kill my character S.”

    Me: ”NO.”

    Anon A: ”Whatever. I was thinking it should happen like this…”
    [Anon A is writing…]

    ”I said NO.”
    *is furiously clicking on the send button*

    *wordless screaming*


  • Anonyymi A ja super-upeuden vaikeudet

    maaliskuu 4th, 2014

    I like to play role play games, and happen to be a moderator in one place. We had this one difficult guy.
    ”Here would be a list of things my characters are good at.”

    ”I see.”

    ”Actually, they are splendid in these things.”

    My guess is, he had some sort of a hero complex.

    ”How about them flaws, then?”


    In my opinion, he tried too hard to be excellent.
    ”WD lives in the shadow of his super cool parents. N can’t keep his family alive. S is clumsy. That’s it.”