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  • Puhti poissa

    elokuu 5th, 2014

    Please don’t ask me to do more — I am already overwhelmed.

    Nootti: Tähän väliin odotettavissa päivitystauko, koska mulla on tosi paljon luonnoksia odottamassa tussaamista, skannaamista ja editointia.
    Kirjaston skanneri ei ole aina tehnyt parasta mahdollista jälkeä, yritän selvittää johtuuko se minusta vai mistä.

    Note: At this point there will be a pause on updates, because I have a lot of sketches waiting to be inked, scanned and edited.
    Library’s scanner is not doing it very best, and I am trying to figure out why.

  • Paluu menneisyyteen

    maaliskuu 17th, 2014

    I dreamed I was on a trip, holiday or some sort.
    On that trip I met a person, who was really nice at first, but then appeared to be a bully.
    I woke up on bad mood.

    ”Gnaa. I don’t have time for this shit.”

    But at least I told off to the dream bully, calling out their bullshit.
    In real life I might have not been able to.


  • Nuku nuku, kultarakas III

    maaliskuu 13th, 2014

    In the morning:
    *splash splash*

    During the day:

    Later during the day:
    ”Shit, I am almost late.”

    In the evening:
    ”That would be 22,55 euros, please.”

    ”Elope with me, heeheehee!”

    Later in the evening:
    ”Man, it is so late.”

    During night:
    ”I am beginning to feel a little bit pissed off!”

  • Nuku nuku, kultarakas II

    helmikuu 22nd, 2014

    In the morning
    During the day

    In the evening:
    *tick tick*
    *clickety clack*
    During night:
    ”I think I need meds.”


  • Nuku nuku, kultarakas

    helmikuu 22nd, 2014

    Text in pics as follows:
    1. In the morning

    2. During the day

    3. In the evening
    ”Does anyone have suggestions for next year’s activities?”

    4. During night

    My sleeping pattern is often — even at its best — somewhat spotty.
    It kind of drives me nuts, especially if I have to work or do household chores.