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    syyskuu 13th, 2015

    This update shares details of my intimate life, so if you don’t want TMI, this is the best time to close the page or tab.

    ”This update has details of my intimate life.
    So, if you don’t want to think of me as a sexual being, this is a good moment to close the tab or page.
    Watch a cat video, if you prefer.”

    I and Santeri have different kinds of drive.

    Me thinking: ”I would love to blow off some steam. Incredible lust!”
    Our sexual needs do not always match.

    Me: ”Would you like to make love?”
    Santeri: ”Eeeeeeeh, nope.”

    Tenderness we have anyway.

    ”So, how do I let out my energy?”
    I tend to write erotic roleplays with my friend, for example.
    [I am giggling while typing]

    Me: ”Santeri knows of this and encourages me, too.”

    Santeri: ”Well, it is easier for us all, if you are not frustrated.”