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  • elokuu 12th, 2016

    ”My blood pressure, pulse and blood glucose are on okay level!”

    ”Now, if only we’d get my mood up and my weight down, things would be well.”

    Me thinking: ”And I would not personally mind that weight thing, but doctor and nurses keep lecturing me.”
    Me: ”We also had an anniversary on 19th of May.”
    Santeri: ”Nine years!”

    Me: ”I had an epiphany about my relationship some time ago.”

    At depression nurse:
    Me: ”It grinds my gears when my boyfriend says we’ve grown distant.”
    Depression nurse: ”Have you asked if he wants to get closer?”
    Me: ”…”
    [I get an epiphany]
    ”A thousand dollar question!”
    ”Ding ding ding!”
    Me thinking: ”How come I did not think of that before?!”

  • Se pari, jota kaikki kadehtii

    marraskuu 10th, 2014

    We were watching a tv-series some time ago.
    TV: ”How wonderful! We’ll be the couple everyone is jealous of!”

    ”I don’t think it is such a healthy goal. It would be better if they’d just get more friends.”

    ”By the way, we are the couple that everyone is jealous of.”

    Well, not maybe everyone, but at least a couple of people.
    Hopefully they are jealous of us like this:

    ”Wow, they have it going so good! I hope I can have the same someday!”

    And not like this:

    ”They are so sickeningly happy together! I hope they break up!”

    ”Here is a couple of tips that have made our relationship good. All tips do not necessarily work for all.
    Also, keep in mind that we have been real lucky to find a good partner in each other.”
    – Appreciate your partner and their contribution in the household.

    ”Thanks for the food!”
    ”You’re welcome!”

    ”Thanks for doing the dishes!”

    – Open discussion and listening to each other.

    ”I find this thing a problem.”
    ”I am offering this as a solution.”

    ”What would you like to get as a gift?”
    ”Movie tickets would be nice. And you?”
    ”I don’t know, but I will show you once I know.”

    – Same kind of values and goals.

    ”I don’t want children.”
    ”I understand.”
    – Resilience in certain situations.
    ”This project is very important to me.”
    ”I understand and agree to put up with it for now.”

    – Playfulness
    ”I am a ghost.”

    – Being intoxicant-free helps
    STABBED THE WIFE – alcohol played a part
    KILLED THEIR HUSBAND – shock photos
    CHEATED AND LEFT – ”I was drunk” – Ex speaks up

    ”My faith in humanity is dying.”
    ”Same here.”