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  • Voi ei

    joulukuu 23rd, 2017

    Me: ”I feel this is gonna be an easy day!”

    Customer 1: ”Come cash me out!”
    Driver: ”Come open the door for me!”
    Boss: ”You have four trolleys to shelve!”
    Customer 2: ”Come open the beer cabinets!”
    Me, thinking: ”Oh no.”


    Inspas/Inspired by: http://webcomicname.com/

  • Kompa

    joulukuu 2nd, 2017

    At work, around 09:17 am…

    Coworker: ”And the poor baby was hiding behind the shower curtain…”
    Me: ”Poor fella.”

    Customer: ”At which time you open?”
    Me and my colleague: ”…”
    Customer: ”Well, at what time you open on Sundays?!”

    Me thinking: ”Is this a trick question?”
    Colleague: ”A-at nine am!”

  • Vuorokausirytmi heittää

    lokakuu 3rd, 2016

    Me: ”I have done some night shifts.”

    On Friday I had a day off.
    Me thinking: ”The dentist appointment is at 11:20 am, I get to snooze a little.”

    At 11:03 am
    Me thinking: ”I overslept, then!”

    …But I made it in time!

  • Pidennetyt aukioloajat

    helmikuu 27th, 2016

    Me: ”Freeing the opening hours of grocery shops has probably provided me more suitable  work shifts.”

    ”Although, people have asked one thing pretty often…”
    Customer: ”Well, do you get any customers at this hour?”

    And I only would like to answer:

    Me: ”You are here, too, no? Your total is 9,45 EUR. Would you like a small plastic bag?”

  • Viesti pösilölle

    tammikuu 8th, 2016

    ”My dear customer.”

    ”I have eight years of experience of cashier work. The total amount on the receipt has never been allowed to exceed the sum in the paying commitment.”

    ”I was right, you were wrong!

    ”You dared to yell to a customer servant; you are just a miserable bully.
    You taught your children that maybe causing a ruckus might help you get things your way.”

    ”Let it be the last time, you raise your voice toward a customer servant.
    You should be ashamed of yourself, grown up human being.”

  • Ne kapulat kassalla

    lokakuu 4th, 2015

    ”You know these sticks at cash points?
    Sometimes customers place their groceries so, that the sticks fall back behind the conveyor belt.”

    What I want to do:

    ”I guess you are picking it up, since you dropped it!?”
    What I really do:


  • Tuntilaskelmia

    syyskuu 18th, 2015

    I was counting my hours from the ongoing payment period.

    Me thinking: ”Yeah, the result is the same as with the hours I pulled from my memory…”

    Me thinking: ”Wait a minute! I have the exact same numbers here next to these!”
    Me thinking: ”When did I count them last? Not yesterday…”

    ”I still can count them many times again, there is a plenty of days in this payment period left.”

    ”Yeeeaaahhh, and then there is people who have no clue how much they work or make.
    For some reason, I have difficulties to believe such exists.
    What do you mean obsessed?”

  • Ei-toivottu kosketus

    syyskuu 4th, 2015

    Colleague: ”HEY! YOU…” [pokes me on the back]

    Colleague: ”You can’t yack yack, because blah blah…”

    Me thinking: ”Touch me one more time, and I rip the flesh off your bones.”

  • Sisäinen huuto

    elokuu 16th, 2015

    Today at work:

    [Customer is ranting about a bag he supposedly left on cashier point 11, but could not find it anymore]
    (there had not been anyone on that cashier point during the day)

    Me: [has no idea about the bag the customer is ranting about] *screams internally*

  • Viestejä universumilta

    elokuu 16th, 2015

    Happened yesterday:

    Me thinking: ”I feel awful… I don’t think I have the energy to go to the shower or cook food.”

    Me thinking: ”Oh well, I got some salad done. Maybe I’ll go to the shower too.”
    Later the same day:

    Me: ”I can take over here, since it is already three minutes until four pm.”

    Co-Worker: ”Okay!”

    Co-Worker: ”I’ll go now. You’re the best!”

    Me thinking: ”Um?”
    Customer 1: ”And you radiate such friendliness! It is really rare in Helsinki!”

    Me thinking: ”Um?”

    Customer 2: ”You speak good English!”

    Me: ”Well, I practice a lot!”

    Me thinking: ”Is the universe trying to say that I am quite okay, anyway?”