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  • Kaveruussuhteiden katoavaisuudesta

    heinäkuu 18th, 2014

    ”Today I lost an online friend from my circles, because I did not agree about something.
    We had been friends for seven years.”

    ”This friend had taken a snapshot without permission of some guy, because the guy’s ass crack was showing.
    I don’t care if someone uses a hat as a shoe, taking secret snapshots is not right. Especially uploading photos to Internet just to mock other people is really low.”

    ”So, I commented that taking pics without permission is not nice. I explained more in my own status update.
    Then I got removed from friendlist and blocked.
    Just yesterday this friend had said: ’I am here if you want to talk’.”

    ”So, that’s it, then. Online friendship of seven years deleted.
    I am not regretting, actually; sometimes a nasty behaviour needs to be confronted and questioned.
    My former friend would have a different tone, if someone had taken pics of her daughter’s cleavage without permission and uploaded those to the net.”

    Thinking: ”Besides, do I even want to be a friend of a person like that?
    I am ugly and really fat; would this person take secret mocking photos of me and upload them to the net, if they did not know me?”