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  • Masennus

    joulukuu 20th, 2016

    Sisältövaroitus: masennus, itsetuhoiset ajatukset
    Trigger warnings for depression and suicidal thinking

    Me: ”Somehow I have often thought that being depressed is like being possessed.”
    ”One thinks thoughts that don’t feel one’s own.”

    Me, depressed: ”Mostly I am pissed off because of my shitty attitude, idiocy and tardiness.
    I would jump in that card board shredder myself, if it did not bring problems to others.”

    Me: ”It might scare my inner circle of people, and others deny its existence completely.”
    Me: ”It actually made me feel better to learn how the thing works on organ level.
    It has something to do with amygdala, stress hormone and developing brain.”

    So, next time:
    Someone: ”How can you be like that?!”
    Me: ”Depr…”
    Someone: ”Depression is whole lotta hooey! You have no reason to be depressed!
    It is only in your head!”
    Me: ”My unstable childhood environment and unequal treatment in elementary school made my amygdala produce stress hormone non-stop, which damaged my developing brain!
    Of course it is in my head!”

    Someone: ”Oh…”

    ETA// Mantelitumake on siis käskenyt jonkun toisen osan pöhöttää kortisolia oikein kunnolla, stressihormoni ei kehity itse mantelitumakkeessa.

    Amygdala has commanded some other part of my body to process a lot of stress hormone, it does not develop in the amygdala itself.

  • Dark Pulse(*

    huhtikuu 16th, 2014

    ”It …ing sucks when one does not get the justified acknowledgement to their deeds or presence.
    Why do I even bother?

    Oh, I should be missing for several days before anyone misses me!?”

    (* Dark Pulse:
    The user releases a horrible aura imbued with dark thoughts.