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  • Kuolema koskettaa

    joulukuu 21st, 2014

    Whenever I read your medical report, it makes me feel that you killed yourself.

    I suppose I should not say this, but sometimes I feel like you are trying to kill me on the side.

    [bill of 700 EUR]
    Me thinking: ”Where ever do I rip this kind of money?

  • Aave

    lokakuu 6th, 2014

    Last night I dreamed my father was not dead.

    In my dream, I am shopping for groceries.

    I forget the shopping, when a familiar person passes me by.

    I ran after the figure.

    ”Da! Wait!!”

    Finally, I catch him.

    ”Where have you been!?
    We have been really worried and sad!
    Things should be taken care of!!

    There is an awful pile of estate and funeral bills, too!
    You are hopeless!!”

    My father replies:

    ”I was having a vacation.”

    ”It really hit the spot.”

    ”Huh? But who did we then cremate? Did you fake your own death?”

    Then I woke up.
    Lots of things were left unsaid.

  • Suru on kunniavieras

    heinäkuu 31st, 2014

    Thinking: ”My father has been on ICU for a while because of various organ problems.
    They called me today, the future is looking grim.”

    I had gone to see my father. He was not able to talk, because his throat had been punctured.
    It was called tracheotomy, I think.

    Thinking: ”I somehow always thought my father would kill himself. Or drink himself to death.”

    I am feeling pretty torn about this situation. I would not want my father to pass away alone and afraid.
    But on the other hand, he has been a drunkard and a fiend.

    ”Not quite a model father.”

    ”But even if my father was what he was, I have the right to worry about him.
    One arse has called me naïve, because I worry!”

    ”At any rate… My father taught me, what kind of a person I do NOT wish to grow up like.
    I guess that counts for something.”

    PS. My father passed away on the next day from drawing the last comic.
    May he rest in peace.