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  • Prioriteetit

    toukokuu 14th, 2014

    I was going to the cinema in Helsinki. Being right ahead of time, I sat and waited for Santeri on a bench.

    Then I noticed it!

    ”Oh my gorsh!”


    ”A pinball machine!”

    *Thinking* ”I wonder if I had a couple of euros extra?”

    *thinking* ”Only the bus fare…”

    After the movie:

    ”It was a great movie!”

    ”True that!”

    ”What’s the time?”

    ”It’s 7 pm, sharp.”

    ”Well, in that case I won’t make it to the bus back at home. It went 15 minutes ago.”

    ”! …”

    ”What’s the matter?”

    ”I COULD have played that money in the pinball machine.”

    ”I see.”

    PS. On the way back home.



    Can label: Koff — Beer!

    *thinking*: ”OH HELL NO–!”

    For the record, on this trip no one tried to cause any trouble.
    Certain irritants make me nervous and mad quite easily.

  • Aina Vastassa

    helmikuu 22nd, 2014


    Kissamme on aina onnellinen kun isäntäväki palaa kotiin.

    Our cat is always so happy, when the humans return home.