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  • Viestejä universumilta

    elokuu 16th, 2015

    Happened yesterday:

    Me thinking: ”I feel awful… I don’t think I have the energy to go to the shower or cook food.”

    Me thinking: ”Oh well, I got some salad done. Maybe I’ll go to the shower too.”
    Later the same day:

    Me: ”I can take over here, since it is already three minutes until four pm.”

    Co-Worker: ”Okay!”

    Co-Worker: ”I’ll go now. You’re the best!”

    Me thinking: ”Um?”
    Customer 1: ”And you radiate such friendliness! It is really rare in Helsinki!”

    Me thinking: ”Um?”

    Customer 2: ”You speak good English!”

    Me: ”Well, I practice a lot!”

    Me thinking: ”Is the universe trying to say that I am quite okay, anyway?”