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  • Ähtäriin mä kaipaan niin – taas uudelleen

    syyskuu 25th, 2014

    I went camping to Ähtäri with my friend Kata on 15.8.-17.8.14. It was my first time camping, so I had prepared both too well and run of the mill.
    ”My back hurts just a wee bit…”

    Overpacked backpack, slightly broken
    Town clothes, also slightly broken

    Straps of the backpack caused me trouble.

    ”Probably not like this either.”

    ”I give up.”

    I felt like the majority of the trip was spent in trains.
    First the trip between Koivukylä and Hyvinkää; two trains.

    Thinking: ”Well, of course the rush hour train.”

    The trip between Hyvinkää and Riihimäki.

    ”And the straps did not work like they should’ve worked.”

    ”HAHAHA! Help, I can’t stand this!”

    During the trip between Riihimäki and Seinäjoki we finally got seats.

    ”Sorry, soz…”

    Train aisles can be surprisingly narrow.

    At Seinäjoki, we swapped into a regional train. It was also called rail bus.

    ”And we did not get any photos of it!
    It was like a train’s baby! It did not use electricity!

    I really have to google it sometime!”

    Ohessa googletettu kuva: Klik-klik

    At the railway stop of Ähtäri Zoo we noticed how we are totally not in the metropolitan area anymore.

    No electricity wires for trains.

    One (1) set of railroad tracks.

    ”The train goes here six times a day. When we return, we really can’t go to the wrong train.”

    Walking trip to the camping site sure felt longer when going there than when returning.
    I think I complained surprisingly little.

    ”Imma gonna die… Gonna fall to the ditch… My knee can’t take it… Back hurts… Boohoo…”

    ”It is behind the next curve.”

    Kata has the patience of a saint.

    We finally got to the camping site, so we registered in.
    Setting the tent worried me.

    Horror scenario 1:
    ”#%&¤##¤%! …ck! It just does not work!”

    ”Whatever, I’ll sleep like this!”

    Horror scenario 2:
    ”There it goes. We forgot the stakes.”

    ”I thought you were speaking of steaks.”

    ”No nonsense!”


    Setting instructions

    ”Oh, it was that easy. We just need to add the protective textile and stakes.”

    Saturday, 16th of August.
    My back was hurting a little. I was not used to sleeping outside.

    ”Oh, …ck!”

    The maintenance building made things remarkably easy.
    Caravan area is that way
    More sinks
    Funny mirrors, for some reason
    Kitchen unit
    Water unit
    One can go straight through
    More sinks

    No one mention this to Kata’s father.

    On Saturday we went to the zoo, too.
    The most important animal to me was the badger.

    The most important animal to Kata was the fox.

    To Kata, foxes are like the badgers to me; the most valued favourite animal.

    On Saturday, there was also time just to be.

    ”Who was the murdered Sharon, again?”
    (Author’s note: it is ’tate’, in case someone is doing a crossword with similar hint)

    Loput reissusta raportoidaan sitten kun saan muita juttuja pois alta.
    Rest of the reportage will be done after I get other stuff away.

    Kysymys-memeen osallistuneiden ei tarvitse huolestua, vastaukset on mulla työn alla.

  • Arkipäivän seikkailuja

    syyskuu 12th, 2014

    Hyvien ystävien kanssa tavallinen päiväretkikin on seikkailu.
    With good friends even an ordinary little trip is an adventure.

    Nootti: Ei, emme harrasta cosplayta, halusin vain kuvaan fantasia-elementtejä.
    Note: No, we do not cosplay. I only wanted fantasy elements to the picture.

  • Kiitos!

    syyskuu 11th, 2014

    ”All glory and praise to those friends, who — with simple chatting — remind me of what I can do with my life!”

    ”You all are the best!”

    *is again full of hope and will to live*