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  • Kiitos

    tammikuu 18th, 2015

    This happened during summer 2014.
    I can’t mention your name, or draw you as a recognizable character, in case you broke your employer’s rules.

    It was a rainy summer day. My father had recently passed away and I was moving to an unknown city.

    Money situation was tight, so tight I even had to take cash from my late father’s wallet.

    You are an acquaintance of mine, but I am not sure if you knew my situation.

    I wanted to buy a ticket. I was on my way to Hyvinkää to deal with moving things.

    You printed me a complimentary ticket. My money you did not take.
    Your friendly gesture back then lifted me up from the depressive swamp my mind was in.

    My mental health was way off balance at that time. I just wanted to do all kinds of nasty things to myself.

    You might have saved my life on that day.

    ”For that I will be eternally grateful for you.”

  • ”Se sairaus on sulla vain päässä”

    marraskuu 10th, 2014

    Depression and anxiety disorder are MENTAL HEALTH problems. But still…

    I pluck my hair.
    It might also fall off on its own (more than usual).

    I grind my teeth, which wears down my set of teeth and causes headaches.

    Anxiety feels like a squeeze in the upper stomach.

    My concentration breaks off often, and then I get cuts, bruises and burns easily.

    Stress and a bad diet have their toll on my intestines and general digestion.

    I pluck and dig my ears until bleeding.

  • Nyt ei pysty

    lokakuu 20th, 2014


    My apologies to all people, who are waiting for my emails and forum posts. I just can’t at this moment.

  • Downgrade

    syyskuu 14th, 2014

    ”Today, my sketchbook ran out of pages. Payday is in a few days, so I will be using separate sheets of paper until then.
    I have not used them for a long while.”

    ”At least this time I have a folder, to keep the papers in order. With old drawings I never used one.”

    They were not even this neatly!

    Separate sheets of paper are a nuisance. I was supposed to move during June.

    Me: ”Can we continue with the packing?”
    My friend Kata: ”But I want to look at these first. These are nice!”

    My friend Kata: ”You never finished this one.”
    Me: ”THROW IT AWAY!”

    My friend Kata: ”Nonsense. I will put it here safely along with the others.”
    Me: ”Yeabut… No…” :C

    ”But paper sheets can take more, at least. My favourite type of sketchbook is smaller than A4.
    And I am too cheap to get me any bigger books.”

    ”And this opens a whole lot new opportunities!”

  • Arkipäivän seikkailuja

    syyskuu 12th, 2014

    Hyvien ystävien kanssa tavallinen päiväretkikin on seikkailu.
    With good friends even an ordinary little trip is an adventure.

    Nootti: Ei, emme harrasta cosplayta, halusin vain kuvaan fantasia-elementtejä.
    Note: No, we do not cosplay. I only wanted fantasy elements to the picture.

  • Kiitos!

    syyskuu 11th, 2014

    ”All glory and praise to those friends, who — with simple chatting — remind me of what I can do with my life!”

    ”You all are the best!”

    *is again full of hope and will to live*

  • Huuto, jota et voi ilmoille päästää

    heinäkuu 30th, 2014

    Words around head:
    – father at intensive care
    – sleeping problems
    – money problems
    – moving
    – lack of motivation
    – misogyny
    – depression
    – stress

    Sometimes I feel like I have inside of me a scream that I can’t let out.

  • Kriisin paikka

    heinäkuu 22nd, 2014

    ”When I was 19 years old, and I did not have a clue of what to do with my future, I was said that I don’t need to worry because I am so young.

    ”That was about seven years ago! No one says that to me anymore. And even if they said, how long am I staying young?
    I still don’t know what to do with my life.”

  • Huomionkipeyttä

    heinäkuu 13th, 2014



    ”You want attention, huh?”

  • Prioriteetit

    toukokuu 14th, 2014

    I was going to the cinema in Helsinki. Being right ahead of time, I sat and waited for Santeri on a bench.

    Then I noticed it!

    ”Oh my gorsh!”


    ”A pinball machine!”

    *Thinking* ”I wonder if I had a couple of euros extra?”

    *thinking* ”Only the bus fare…”

    After the movie:

    ”It was a great movie!”

    ”True that!”

    ”What’s the time?”

    ”It’s 7 pm, sharp.”

    ”Well, in that case I won’t make it to the bus back at home. It went 15 minutes ago.”

    ”! …”

    ”What’s the matter?”

    ”I COULD have played that money in the pinball machine.”

    ”I see.”

    PS. On the way back home.



    Can label: Koff — Beer!

    *thinking*: ”OH HELL NO–!”

    For the record, on this trip no one tried to cause any trouble.
    Certain irritants make me nervous and mad quite easily.