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  • On painajaisia ja PAINAJAISIA

    elokuu 25th, 2015

    I dreamed…

    In the dream I was going to home with a friend. We were coming from taking care of my pet chickens and heading to a spa.

    Me: ”Let’s swing by my place! I’ll get my towel. We can also get some treatment paid on my credit card.”
    By my home, I felt something was wrong.

    Me: ”Could you wait here?”
    Friend: ”Okay!”

    In the kitchen my mother waited for me in stiff state of drunk.

    ”Oh, you decided to grace me with your preshence?”
    I don’t say anything, just go grab my towel.
    Bathroom tab is dropping black water and the sewer does not work.

    After getting the towel I say to my mother:

    Me: ”Well, um… What if I visited Taina(* for a couple of days?”

    (* Godmother
    Mother: ”To help or lazying around? ’Caushe she hash ashked you many a times… ’To give you peace for a couple of daysh’! Bah!”

    Me: ”Well, I would take a part in household work if I visit longer…”

    Mother: ”Whatever! WhatEVER! Drop dead to the ground for all I care!”
    Then I woke up.


    It took a little while to get to understand what was going on.

    ”I am at home with my loved ones. Everything is fine.”

    Anyway, there are reasons why I don’t care to keep in contact with my mother.
    …I am sorry it has to be like this, but I have to protect myself.