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  • Nuku nuku, kultarakas III

    maaliskuu 13th, 2014

    In the morning:
    *splash splash*

    During the day:

    Later during the day:
    ”Shit, I am almost late.”

    In the evening:
    ”That would be 22,55 euros, please.”

    ”Elope with me, heeheehee!”

    Later in the evening:
    ”Man, it is so late.”

    During night:
    ”I am beginning to feel a little bit pissed off!”

  • Nuku nuku, kultarakas II

    helmikuu 22nd, 2014

    In the morning
    During the day

    In the evening:
    *tick tick*
    *clickety clack*
    During night:
    ”I think I need meds.”


  • Nuku nuku, kultarakas

    helmikuu 22nd, 2014

    Text in pics as follows:
    1. In the morning

    2. During the day

    3. In the evening
    ”Does anyone have suggestions for next year’s activities?”

    4. During night

    My sleeping pattern is often — even at its best — somewhat spotty.
    It kind of drives me nuts, especially if I have to work or do household chores.