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  • Kuolematon

    syyskuu 4th, 2015


  • Saatan olla stressaantunut

    syyskuu 4th, 2015

    [Shouts one vocal straight]
    [Continues shouting]

  • Sarjisbloggaajamiitti 2

    syyskuu 2nd, 2015

    In the meet up:

    ”If I don’t admit I am nervous, I am not nervous.”

  • Uusi ihana peti!

    syyskuu 2nd, 2015


    Santeri: ”That backbag was meant for my swim gear.”

  • Sarjisbloggaajamiitti

    elokuu 28th, 2015

    ”I will attend a comic blogger meeting tomorrow.”

  • Lapselliset harrasteet

    heinäkuu 23rd, 2015


    ”If you can handle your adulthood without childish hobbies, kudos to you.

    I can’t.

    And making fun of other people’s hobbies is insensitive.”

  • Kaksi 2-osaista korttia tyrkyllä

    kesäkuu 30th, 2015

    I was reading the official Postcrossing forum.

    Commentator 1: ”I got a folded card as an official. I did not like it. :(”

    Commentator 2: ”Yeah, they are not quite fitting to the PC’s spirit.”

    Commentator 3: ”Yeah, regular cards preferred.”

    Me: ”I wonder if anyone wants some mail from me…?”


    Kortit ovat menneet!

  • Tuuli karkasi tuulihatuista

    kesäkuu 24th, 2015

    ”What on earth!?
    Why are you flattening like that!?
    I tried to bake profiteroles, not proflateroles!”

    [baked goods going ’phwiiiiiiiiiiiii…’]

  • Mieli muuttuu

    toukokuu 6th, 2015


    Me thinking: ”Gee, it would be nice to watch something romantic!”

    ”Or read!”

    ”Or plan some romantic sideplot for roleplay!

    ”I wonder if anyone would like to play something romantic?”

    ”Or maybe if I text Santeri…”
    On another times:

    Me thinking: ”You really needed to ruin this book with some romance!”

    ”Does not fit in at all!”

    ”Bloody hell, how disgusting!”

  • Moderointi on kivaa

    huhtikuu 28th, 2015

    Today, we needed to discuss a thing related on the forum.

    Me: ”Well, I think it is a bit unpleasant, if ordinary threads are done outside our forum.”

    Mod Tam: ”It also is maybe a bit unnecessary?”

    Me: ”I mean, I do get if the thread breaks the rules of the forum provider. But otherwise ordinary threads played outside the forum can alienate others, especially if these games are shouted about on the actual forum.”

    Me: ”It is kinda like your friends were having a party and not invited you in there… But talk about it all the time.”

    Anon: ”…
    Then why don’t you just have your own party, in other words, open up more your own threads?”
    Me: ”…”

    Anon: ?

    Mod Tam: ”Please…”

    Me: ”It is not about THAT! Perkele!”

    Me: ”I don’t open more threads, because I don’t have the energy! I tire easily! I am sick! I have my limits! I am nothing but a flawed human being! We just do not want your super exclusive outside-the-forum games rubbed on our faces! Saatana!”
    Me: ”Okay, it did not actually go like that, word by word…”

    Me: ”In reality, it looked something like this. Or at least close.”

    Me: Lalalalalaa, everything is fine!”

    Mod Tam: ”Holy Christ Almighty, Mia.”


    Olen mä harkinnut moderoinnin lopettamista, kun se homma menee multa aina perseelleen.
    I have thought of quitting the mod job, because I always fuck it up.