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  • Hylätyksi tulemisen pelko

    joulukuu 4th, 2017

    One night I woke up to a bad dream, that had themes of abandonment and rejection.

    Me: ”Today, I awkwardly found out that my friends had gone to the movies together, and not asked me with them.”

    Usually, I would not mind…
    …But these were supposed to be my closest friends, and I have been suffering from loneliness.

  • Kompa

    joulukuu 2nd, 2017

    At work, around 09:17 am…

    Coworker: ”And the poor baby was hiding behind the shower curtain…”
    Me: ”Poor fella.”

    Customer: ”At which time you open?”
    Me and my colleague: ”…”
    Customer: ”Well, at what time you open on Sundays?!”

    Me thinking: ”Is this a trick question?”
    Colleague: ”A-at nine am!”

  • Kävijäpiikki

    elokuu 11th, 2017

    Me: ”Some weird visitor spike in my blog some week ago…”
    [I notice it is from]

    Group chat: ”It might be some proper discussion?”
    Me: ”I hope so.”

  • Alitajunta ampuu kovilla

    heinäkuu 31st, 2017

    Dream world:
    – Summer
    – A girlfriend very much in love
    – An amusement park
    – FREE!! ice cream

    Real world:
    – Time to rest
    – My own peace
    – Lovely boyfriend
    – Potato chips

  • Kätevä design

    toukokuu 23rd, 2017

    At the hospital after bloodworks:

    Me thinking: ”A round post card!”

    Me: ”Hmm.”

    Me thinking: ”I can’t bend the corners of this one!”

  • Kilpailutus

    huhtikuu 6th, 2017

    Me: ”This thing came up late at night in a group chat. Question the price and quality of your meds.”

    I was such a dork to eat the first prescribed birth control for many years.
    After many years, my blood pressure stood out as an issue. I was prescribed a mini pill, that is supposedly better for blood pressure.

    Me: ”Well, I can’t say much about that blood pressure, but…”
    [Author/Artist eats two different BP meds]

    There are other benefits.
    Sales clerk: ”X euros, please!”
    Me thinking: ”About half cheaper than my old birth control!”
    Me: ”Then my periods stopped. It is a common side effect of my current birth control pill. I am not bothered, actually.”

    Many other medicines can also be raced.
    Pharmacist: ”Would you accept a similar, cheaper brand?”
    Me: ”Yes, please!”

    I recommend discussing the price of medicines at the pharmacist’s or the quality of the product at the doctor’s office.

  • Skalppi

    helmikuu 13th, 2017

    ”Nothing interesting is happening in my life.”
    ”Except for my dry scalp.”

    [I scratch my head.]
    Me: ”I’m annoyed.”

    ”I bought a soothing shampoo from Lush.”
    Me: ”For its price, I hope it works.”
    ”It was pretty expensive stuff.”

  • Masennus

    joulukuu 20th, 2016

    Sisältövaroitus: masennus, itsetuhoiset ajatukset
    Trigger warnings for depression and suicidal thinking

    Me: ”Somehow I have often thought that being depressed is like being possessed.”
    ”One thinks thoughts that don’t feel one’s own.”

    Me, depressed: ”Mostly I am pissed off because of my shitty attitude, idiocy and tardiness.
    I would jump in that card board shredder myself, if it did not bring problems to others.”

    Me: ”It might scare my inner circle of people, and others deny its existence completely.”
    Me: ”It actually made me feel better to learn how the thing works on organ level.
    It has something to do with amygdala, stress hormone and developing brain.”

    So, next time:
    Someone: ”How can you be like that?!”
    Me: ”Depr…”
    Someone: ”Depression is whole lotta hooey! You have no reason to be depressed!
    It is only in your head!”
    Me: ”My unstable childhood environment and unequal treatment in elementary school made my amygdala produce stress hormone non-stop, which damaged my developing brain!
    Of course it is in my head!”

    Someone: ”Oh…”

    ETA// Mantelitumake on siis käskenyt jonkun toisen osan pöhöttää kortisolia oikein kunnolla, stressihormoni ei kehity itse mantelitumakkeessa.

    Amygdala has commanded some other part of my body to process a lot of stress hormone, it does not develop in the amygdala itself.

  • Unista

    lokakuu 31st, 2016

    There has been a lot of sleeping.

    Me: ”I’ve seen lots of dreams.”
    Adventure, thrills, special skills, romance

    Me: ”I have to admit, my dreams have been a lot more exciting compared to real life.”

    We’ll see how my next night shifts go.

  • Nivelkivut — kuolema tulee

    lokakuu 25th, 2016

    Me: ”The finger joints of my right hand have started to ache.”

    Me: ”I am expecting the worst, of course.”

    Me thinking: ”Osteoarthritis, rheumatism…”

    Me: ”But then again, the pain is not impossible. I have rested my hands a lot.”

    ”Osku takes care of me too.”
    [Cat’s purring while laying on my hand.]

    Me: ”But should I be worried?”