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  • Kiltti Tyttö ™

    joulukuu 8th, 2017

    Me: ”I struggle with my inner Good Girl(tm) everyday.”

    I feel bad, if I don’t give my seat to the elderly, despite there being open seats available.
    I feel shitty, if I defend my right not to be touched.

    Someone: ”Excushe meee…”
    Me: ”Don’t touch me or I will break your arm!”
    Someone: ”Shorryy…”

    Me: ”A Good Girl(tm) would have let old grudges go already…”

    Old ass sayings: ”Smarter one ends the fight.”
    ”Be a good girl and forgive.”
    ”It is useless to dwell in the past.”

    Me: ”…Fuck that.”

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  • Täysin oikea asenne!

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