• Kilpailutus

    huhtikuu 6th, 2017

    Me: ”This thing came up late at night in a group chat. Question the price and quality of your meds.”

    I was such a dork to eat the first prescribed birth control for many years.
    After many years, my blood pressure stood out as an issue. I was prescribed a mini pill, that is supposedly better for blood pressure.

    Me: ”Well, I can’t say much about that blood pressure, but…”
    [Author/Artist eats two different BP meds]

    There are other benefits.
    Sales clerk: ”X euros, please!”
    Me thinking: ”About half cheaper than my old birth control!”
    Me: ”Then my periods stopped. It is a common side effect of my current birth control pill. I am not bothered, actually.”

    Many other medicines can also be raced.
    Pharmacist: ”Would you accept a similar, cheaper brand?”
    Me: ”Yes, please!”

    I recommend discussing the price of medicines at the pharmacist’s or the quality of the product at the doctor’s office.

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