• elokuu 12th, 2016

    ”My blood pressure, pulse and blood glucose are on okay level!”

    ”Now, if only we’d get my mood up and my weight down, things would be well.”

    Me thinking: ”And I would not personally mind that weight thing, but doctor and nurses keep lecturing me.”
    Me: ”We also had an anniversary on 19th of May.”
    Santeri: ”Nine years!”

    Me: ”I had an epiphany about my relationship some time ago.”

    At depression nurse:
    Me: ”It grinds my gears when my boyfriend says we’ve grown distant.”
    Depression nurse: ”Have you asked if he wants to get closer?”
    Me: ”…”
    [I get an epiphany]
    ”A thousand dollar question!”
    ”Ding ding ding!”
    Me thinking: ”How come I did not think of that before?!”

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