• Loma Ruokolahdella

    lokakuu 25th, 2015

    I went to a villa with Kata and Kata’s family.
    The trains were late.
    Kata: ”Do we make it in time?”
    Me: *ei jaksa välittää*
    [Kata’s sister Marianne is the one with a yellow-tufted scarf]

    In the train my motion sickness began.
    Me: ”I feel a little sick…”
    We made it to the connection trains in time, as well as to the destination.
    Kata: ”I stressed for nothing.”
    Me: *ei jaksa vieläkään välittää*

    Even the meds for the motion sickness kicked in.
    We went to a forest.
    Someone in the background: ”Ew, deer flies!”

    We did not find any mushrooms.
    ”Are those bear droppings?”
    We found something completely different.
    We also played Yahtzee.
    ”Mia won!”
    Me: ”Oh?”

    We discussed aliens.
    Kata: ”Who’s Jabba the Hutt?”

    In the afternoon, I tried to take a nap.
    Me thinking: ”SO quiet!”

    I saw some bird in Saimaa lake, maybe.
    In the evening there was a chance to bath in sauna.

    I also meant to dunk in the lake, but passed.
    Me: ”The weather is quite brr!” *shudder shudder*
    I dreamed I was able to do incredibly awesome ink works.
    Me: *just woken up*

    Then I realized it was just a dream.
    Me: *sighs*
    Wednesday was full of nature expeditions.
    Me: ”That’s Kummakivi!”
    (Here’s a link to a Wikipedia article of Kummakivi.)

    I also saw some rock paintings.
    Me: *gasps in awe*
    Me: ”Those rock paintings were 4700 years old! Think!”

    Me: ”Think if some digi archaeologist is investigating the ruins of the Internet and finds comic blogs!”

    In the evening, we played gin rummy.
    Me thinking: ”I should not have suggested point counting…”
    Kata: ”You have 500 000 points!”
    I took a beating.

    The next morning, I played some more gin rummy with Kata.
    Me: ”Noh!”
    Kata: ”You have 1000 000 points!”
    I did ’great’.

    For lunch we had vegetable soup and bread rolls.
    The rest of the day I spent reading and petting the dog.

    Because it was the day before leaving, I was eager to pack my things.
    Me: ”I don’t want the family to wait for me.”
    On Friday we packed the rest of the stuff and cleaned up, then heading home.
    I will say, that the meds for motion and travel sickness are a great invention!

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