• Katan luona kylässä

    elokuu 6th, 2015

    ”I went to my friend Kata’s place for a couple of days.”

    The trip started well.

    Announcement: ”The K-train at 9:57 has been cancelled!”

    Me: ”Aaargh!”

    I had to take a detour.
    At Hyvinkää, we first took my stuff to Kata’s place.

    Me: [ranting about everything]

    After taking my stuff, we went to shop for groceries. We cooked chicken salad.

    Me: ”One gotta eat green things!”
    Kata: ”Just put it in the basket!”

    After lunch, we saw other friends.

    Me: ”I’m a bit tired…”
    Back at Kata’s place we had a moment to read.

    Also, evening snacks.

    And a movie before going to bed.
    On Tuesday we went for a long walk after breakfast.

    Me: ”I’m thirsty, my knees are singing Hoosianna!”
    Knees: ”Laaah!”

    The idea was mine, although one would not guess.

    During the walk we saw many interesting plants.

    Bilberries were ripe.

    I thought of drinking my water bottle empty, so we could gather some bilberries there.
    After lunch we went to Kata’s parents to clean some strawberries.
    We also fried some crepes. In reality, I can’t turn them by tossing, or plate them that way.

    …And I don’t think Kata’s parents would allow me to practice in their kitchen.

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